Finding Orthodox Books in Malaysia


I discuss Orthodox Christian books rather frequently on this blog, and I get questions once in a while on how to find them in Malaysia. It can be very challenging especially for physical copies of books. Here are some options I have been able to identify.

Ask me!

Send me a message using the contact page of this blog ( Especially if you live somewhere in the Klang Valley, I might know someone who has the book you are looking for and you might be able to borrow it.


If you don’t insist of a physical copy of a book, we have some good options.


A lot of important Orthodox books are old, and thus do not have any copyright restrictions. I have been able to find some important texts online.

Christian Bookstores

There are plenty of Christian bookstores in big Malaysian cities. Of course, they will mostly carry only Roman Catholic and Protestant books, but you can find patristic writings occasionally, and I have seen a copy of the Orthodox study bible (pictured above) once.

Online Book Retailers

I know some Malaysians have had some success ordering books off Amazon and other online retailers.

Here are some discussions with instructions I have found online

Do you know of another way to obtain Orthodox Christian books?

Please share in the comments if you know another way to obtain Orthodox books!

2 thoughts on “Finding Orthodox Books in Malaysia

  1. Some of our congregation have had success buying from Amazon:

    Of course, this is expensive but I don’t think there is another option. It is possible that a Christian bookstore somewhere carries it, but I have never seen one there. If you just want to look at a copy, we have them at our church so you can come and visit. But those copies are not for sale


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